11 - Implementation and interpretation of Hevylite immunoassays

Chapter 11


  • Hevylite® assays are validated for the quantification of immunoglobulins in human serum.
  • Hevylite results should be interpreted alongside a patient’s clinical details and other laboratory tests including serum electrophoresis and total immunoglobulin measurements.
  • Summated Hevylite values for a particular immunoglobulin class (Ig’κ + Ig’λ) should equate to the corresponding total immunoglobulin value.

It is important to ensure that IgG, IgA and IgM HLC concentrations are reported in consistent units. In the UK the preferred reporting units are g/L. Within the USA, results may be either in g/L or g/dL.


  1. When monitoring HLC values in a patient, what percentage change is necessary to be statistically significant (p<0.05)?


  1. The relative change value (RCV) for HLC measurements has been calculated to be between 30 and 40% (Section 11.2.6).